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This website is designed by DR. Omer Hamad who is a representative of the University of Debrecen, Medical and Health Science Center in Norway, Sweden, Iceland, Finland and the UK.

The University of Debrecen, Medical and Health Science Center in Hungary provides admission to five different English Language programs:


1- One year Basic Medicine Course (Premedical course).
2- Six year  Medicine Program.
3- Five year Dentistry Program.

4- Five year Pharmacy Program.

5- Twelve months or Eighteen months  Public Health Program

We will take the responsibility of organizing and arranging interviews, which will be held in Norway, Sweden, Iceland, Finland and UK. Since Hungary is a member of EU, all the above mentioned programs are accredited and leads to licensing and practice in the above mentioned countries, which are fully accredited by the state educational loan fund (lŚnekassen) in Norway, by the CSN in Sweden, by the Icelandic Government student loan fund.( LIN ) in Iceland and educational state office in USA.  

Entrance examination

An IB, B.A or a scientific B. Sc degree should do the entrance examination (written and oral). As they are accepted in one of our programs they might apply for exemption from the subjects they have already done in their previous study.

Applicants who have already finished secondary school or who are going to finish secondary school will be classified according to their previous performance and knowledge so the University of Debrecen, Medical and Health Science Center will send an admission committee to hold entrance examinations in recognized examination centers in a designated foreign countries, we will arrange and organize entrance examinations in Norway, Sweden, Iceland, Finland and UK for the University. The number of seats that are available for General Medicine Program and Dentistry Program is limited and since the policy of the University is to fill up the seats as early as possible, we will organize three different entrance examinations in Oslo(April, May and June), three entrance examinations in Sweden (April, May and June), three entrance examinations in Iceland(April, May and June), one entrance examination in Finland, and two entrance examinations in the UK ((April and May), you can find the dates of different entrance examinations in the application form.

You will receive from us exact dates and places of different interviews and other necessary information as soon as we receive your completed application form by e-mail.


 H Hungary is already a member of EU system so you can work immediately in your home country as you get your degree from our University without doing any extra exams!

   As you are accepted to one of our programs and you decide to come to Hungary, we could arrange your studentís visa, plane ticket to Hungary, travel from Budapest to Debrecen, hotel stay, suitable apartment, registration, medical examinations, the necessary documents for studentís residence permit and all textbooks and laboratory manuals.

   Cost of a private apartment in Debrecen is 270-400 EUR/month, food and additional expenses are 450-600 EUR/month.

   Advantages of the University of Debrecen, Medical and Health Science Center.

  • All the academic buildings and clinics are located in the fringes of an extensive oak forest area so  

           halls of lectures, seminars  and practices are in walking distance from each other.

  • The reduction system on tuition fee might reach up to 20%.

  • During the third, fourth and fifth year students will have the opportunity to do their clinical   

           practices in one of the hospitals in Norway, Sweden, Iceland, Finland, UK, or USA.

  •  Students could do the last year (sixth year) completely in one of the hospitals of Norway, Sweden, 

          Iceland, Finland , UK, or USA.

 Should you have any questions don't hesitate to contact us:

Tel.: + 36209 430 492

Fax: +36 52 792 381

E-mail: omer@hu.inter.net

We hope that you will take full advantage of our programs and services, which are designed to assist you in realizing your full potential and career goals.  Indeed, we are always ready to assist you in your educational endeavors.

 Again, Welcome to the University of Debrecen, Medical school and best wishes for success.


                         Sincerely yours,

                         Dr. Omer Hamad, M.D.


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