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A one year premedical Basic Medicine Course is recommended for those not having sufficient knowledge in Biology, Physics, and Chemistry from high school.  In addition to these subjects courses in English, Latin, and basic Hungarian are also available.  The requirements in the premedical science subjects biology, physics and chemistry are strict.  It is recommended that students who do not have a thorough knowledge in these subjects or who need a period of preparation prior to their basic admission to the medical programs may join the Basic Medicine Course.  Students successfully completing the Basic Medicine Course are directly admitted to the General Medicine, Dentistry, or Pharmacy programs. 
Students can join usual Basic Medicine course which starts in September 2014 and ends in May 2015 or intensive Basic Medicine course which starts in January 2015 and end in July 2015. Students who are doing either usual Basic Medicine Program or intensive Basic Medicine course and pass the required exams in May- July they will be admitted directly into first year medicine program or dentistry program (according to their wish) in September 2015, without having another interview since our Basic Medicine Program is part of the University programs, not like other medical Universities in Hungary and other countries!


If you apply to Basic Medicine program then you don't need to know all topics of each subject (Biology, Chemistry and Physics)!

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