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Application fee
150 USD

Basic Medicine Tuition Fees
BMC (premedical): 6,500 USD

1st  6th year: 15,500 USD/Year

No extra fees are charged for summer practices!

  1st year and 2nd year : 15,500 USD/year
  3rd-5th year: 15,500 USD/year + 1,500 USD/year material course
 No extra fees are charged for summer practices!

1st year: 8,000 USD,
2nd 5th year: 8,000 USD/year

Public Health M.Sc

12 Months course: 8,000 USD
  18 Months course 12,000 USD

Physiotherapy Progam

6000 USD/year (including students' handbooks, use of library and IT facilities).

Information about payment details can be obtained upon
acceptance or by email.




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